Somalia’s federal Government calls a convention to create a regional government for Jubba

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somali_interior_ministerInterior minister Abdikarim Hassan guled has called a conference to discuss the creation of Jubbaland state.

Addressing the media, Abdikarim has denied his government’s knowledge in the ongoing preparations in Kismayo to organize a conference, which is led by the interim Jubba leaders, calling to convene another conference that is more inclusive.

“We have been hearing these reports, but we are not involved in the ongoing preparations” Said Abdikarim.

Mr. Abdkarim called all parties to join in a more inclusive conference which is led by the federal government.

“We are inviting all parties to attend this conference including the interim local rulers and all the local stakeholders” he added.

Interior minister has condemned Clashes between rival Somali clan militias in Kismayo on Saturday which has left the death of 11 people.

The minister was responding to the ongoing preparations to organize a convention to discuss on the future of Jubbaland regional government which was postponed yesterday.

Shiekh Ahmed Madobe, a former islamist leader  is now the interim leader of Jubba.

The deadlock continues while both the government and local leaders claim that its their constitutional rights to form a regional government for Jubba.

Article Source: HOL


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